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Alvarado Elementary School

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TK / K

TK/K Learning

Additional learning at Home Opportunities for AES TK/K


  • Read every day for 20 minutes. Remember you should all have little paper books and or poem binders.
    • Check for understanding the story/comprehension
    • Who are the characters, make a prediction, what was your favorite part, retell the story in order, was there a problem and solution
  • Make flashcards out of blank paper. Make one for each letter.
    • Focus on letter name 
    • Focus on letter sound
    • Use the cards to build sight words
    • Use the cards to make CVC words ex: cat, lot, pan….

Writing (Writer’s Workshop):

  • Write one or more simple sentences that may form a story.
  • Draw a picture of your story, label your pictures


  • Sorting, have your child help sort the laundry, toys, legos, etc. which has more, less, or equal
  • Make patterns with legos, toys, clothes, etc.
  • Counting objects
  • Sing days of the week and months of the year
  • Practice simple addition and subtraction with one digit numbers
  • Find and name 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes around your house


  • Remember to get physical activity daily, you can do some indoors and outdoors activities
  • Limit screen time
  • Play board games/card games/tic tac toe/puzzles etc.