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2nd Grade

2nd Grade Home Learning Boards

Here are activities for you to do at home. There are 4 different choice boards according to subject.


Operations and Alebraic Thinking

Number & Operations in Base 10

Measurement and Data


Is 19 odd or even? Draw a picture in your journal to prove your thinking.

Is 12 odd or even? Draw a picture in your journal to prove your thinking.

Draw the following numbers using base 10 blocks:





*Optional Challenge:


Lay 5 spoons from end to end on a table. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure how long it is in inches.

Draw an outdoor scene using (at least) these shapes:

3 circles

2 rectangles

5 triangles

I read for 25 minutes on Monday and 32 minutes on Tuesday. How many minutes of reading have I done so far? Use 2 different strategies to prove your thinking.

Make up 5 new numbers and draw them using base 10 blocks.

Write 5 things you will do each day while you are at home. Make a schedule for what time you will do those activities.


Describe how these shapes are similar and different from each other:





How many wheels are there on 7 cars? Use 2 different strategies to prove your thinking. 

Bam Bam the Kangaroo jumped 4 times. The first time he went 13 feet. Then he went 24, 36 and 12 feet. How far did he jump in all. Use 2 different strategies to prove your thinking.

Make a bar graph or  picture graph to show how long you  have read each day of the week (Sunday-Saturday)

How is the shape of a  piece of paper different from the shape of a tissue box? 

Write one addition story problem and solve it using two different strategies.

Write one subtraction story problem and solve it using two different strategies. 

Solve these equations using your favorite strategy (base 10, number line, algorithm)

35+27 = 





I measured my book and it was 10 long. Did I measure in inches or in feet? How do you know?

Use materials from around your house to build something (car, house, fort…) Describe what shapes were used in your structure.

2nd Grade Home Learning Board






Make an Informational (All About) book to teach something you know a lot about. 


  • Table of Contents
  • 3 Chapters
  • Diagram
  • Pictures with captions

What is something you want changed or to be different? 

Write an opinion piece about what you want to see changed and why?

Use the “oreo” structure:

  • State opinion
  • 2-3  reasons with examples
  • Restate opinion

Write about a time you felt…









Describe what happened in the beginning, middle & end of the moment.

Write a letter to

someone that has

helped you in the

past. Be sure to

tell them how

their help made a


Who is your favorite person? Write an informative piece telling all about that person.

If you could have a superpower, would you rather have the ability to read people’s minds, or the ability to fly? Write an opinion piece that states your belief and give reasons why you feel that way.

Write a story that happened to you that might begin with you saying “ouch”.

Add an ending to one of  these fantasy stories:

I could hardly believe my eyes when I walked outside and saw…

We were driving down the road when all of a sudden our car turned into a spaceship and…

The loud crash came from downstairs. I went to check it out and…

What is your favorite animal? Write an informative piece telling all about your favorite animal.

Do you think students should be allowed to chew gum in school? Write an opinion piece that states your belief and give reasons why you feel that way

Kindness is contagious. Write a narrative story about a time when you were kind to others.

Write a Rhyming Poem about a topic you know a lot about. 

  • List facts about that topic. 
  • Choose one fact and write it as a sentence
  • Think of words that rhyme with the last word in the sentence
  • Write a line that fits your topic and ends with a word that rhymes
  • Continue steps until your poem is complete. 

Think about a game that you like to play. Write an informative piece telling someone else how to play that game.

What is the best thing to do at recess? Write an opinion piece trying to convince your friend that your favorite activity is the best.

Have you ever gotten into trouble? Write a narrative piece about it.

Write a letter to a former teacher thanking them and telling them how they helped you.

2nd Grade Home Learning Board


Key Ideas & Details

Craft & Structure

Integration of Knowledge & Ideas

Foundational Skills

Read a fable or a folktale. Determine the central message, lesson, or moral. 

Read a poem or a song. Describe how words and phrases give rhythm and meaning to the poem/song.

Use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast at least two versions of the same story by different authors or from different cultures. 

Create a list of words with the /er/ sound. Make a separate list for -er, -ir, -ur, and -or words. 

her   first   fur worse

Read a fiction text 

and describe how the characters in the story respond to major events and challenges.

Describe the overall structure of one of your favorite stories. Describe how the beginning introduces the story and how the ending concludes the action. 

Gather information from the illustrations and words of a fiction text to create a graphic organizer that shows your understanding of the story’s characters, setting, and plot

Create a list of words with silent letters (wr, kn, gn, mb, sc). 







Read a nonfiction text and use the “Ask and Answer Questions” strategy. Ask who, what, where, when, why, and how to show understanding of key details in a text.

Identify the various text features (e.g. subheadings, captions, glossaries, bold print, etc.). Explain how these can be used to locate key facts or information in a text.

Read a nonfiction text that includes specific images, like a diagram showing how a machine works or a graph/chart that shows some data. Explain how these images contribute to and clarify a text.

Identify the prefix or suffix in each word. Write the meaning of the word, using the definition of the prefix or suffix. 

playful        unsafe

dishonest       resend


Identify the main topic of a multiparagraph nonfiction text. Identify the focus of specific paragraphs within the text.

Look for clues in a nonfiction text about what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe. Identify the author’s main purpose for writing the text.

In a nonfiction text, identify the reasons an author gives to support points made in the text. Describe how these reasons support the points the author makes.

The letters e, ee, ea, ie, y, ey, and e_e can stand for the long e sound. Create a list of long e words with these spelling patterns.

2nd Grade Home Learning Board


Build a Lego sculpture.  Be creative! 

Have a dance party to your favorite songs.  Dance it out for at least 15 minutes!

Fold paper airplanes.  See which ones fly the furthest.  Think about what might make them good flyers.

Start an acts of kindness challenge. Do kind things for others (and don’t expect anything back!)

Do 5 different exercises for 1 minute each.  Repeat.

-jumping jacks





-run in place


-jump rope

Play outside for 30 minutes. Make sure someone is watching you or you’re playing in a safe area.

Create a board game.  Play the game with someone at home.  

Create and complete a nature scavenger hunt or an indoor scavenger hunt.

Play a board game or a card game with someone at home.

Write a letter to someone and send it!  They’ll love to receive mail.

Watch a movie and tell someone how the main character changes.  Summarize the movie using First, Then, Next, and Finally.

Find a recipe and cook something with an adult.  Best part is eating it!

Find a poem and memorize it.  When we come back, you can share it with the class!

Choose something you want to learn about. Take 10 minutes every day to find information and learn. (How to make slime, What causes earthquakes, Why don’t you have to trim your eyelashes, or pick an animal!)

Build a fort with pillows and blankets.  Read a book inside! Play a game inside!  

Get your favorite clothes, dress ups, or even your family’s clothes.  Have an indoor fashion show!

Free Online Learning Options

If you do have access to a computer and Wi-fi, here are some websites that are available for free!  Many are websites we have used in the classroom already.  


    Video Books     Animated Educational Site        Science Lessons                                      

    Books Online       Educational videos and games     Science Exploration


      Programming               Articles and Games                     Math Games 


                    Articles                          Exercise                   Reading and Phonics 


 Leveled Reading                 Math                 Reading and Math


       Math and various content            Read alouds                               Keyboarding


Learning Games Scholastic Learn At Home             Current Event Articles

Possible Daily Schedule Click on link.

Even better, create a schedule that works for your family! Working together and giving your child choice will give them ownership of the learning.